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Nate on The Ellen Show in 2017.

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097: Mapping the Cell with Manuel Leonetti The Show About Science

This is the second episode of our four part series focused on the CZ Biohub in San Francisco where scientists are working to cure, prevent, or manage disease by the end of the century. In this episode, we meet Quantitative Cell Science group leader Manu Leonetti. Manu and his team are using "genetic glowsticks" to map all 20,000 proteins in a single human cell. Their flagship project – OpenCell – is a library of fluorescently engineered cell lines to define the locations and interactions of human proteins within our cells. You can see the images Manu describes in the episode here: Watch this video to learn more about OpenCell: Listen to the first episode of our CZ Biohub series:
  1. 097: Mapping the Cell with Manuel Leonetti
  2. 096: Bioengineering Malaria with Paul Lebel
  3. 006: Santa Science and the Physics of Christmas (Rerun)
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  5. 095: Two Degrees with Alan Gratz
  6. 094: The Art of DALL-E 2 with Mark Chen

Meet the host


Nate is the 12 year-old host of two podcasts, The Show About Science and The Show About Politics. He is also a photographer and a good one too!  Nate fences and figure skates but not at an Olympic level. He also is the author of a book to teach others how to podcast entitled A Pocket Guide to Starting a Podcast.

What the press says

The New York Times

Nate began hosting this conversational science podcast with the help of his dad when he was 5. He interviews a different scientist every episode, and his delightful curiosity about the world around him is infectious.

The Washington Post

“The Show About Science” has had a variety of guests and Nate isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

What fans say about the podcast a heart with an arrow through it

The best podcast in the history of ever

If you are not subscribed to Nate’s science podcast you need to reconsider your life choices. He gets terrific guests, and the effect of being interviewed by a bright, disarming young boy helps them explain concepts in a beautifully accessible manner.— clgood

Love love love

Nate is amazing. I’ve been listening to this podcast from the beginning and I’m just in love with this kid. His excitement and passion for learning is contagious and inspiring. I’m so glad he is doing this show and I can’t wait to see what amazing things he will do down the road. Great job Nate & keep it up!— Shlucye


Nate’s energy and curiosity make learning about science fun and easy. Each episode breaks down complex science into easy to understand bite sized pieces.— donuts4life

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