Why Are Kids Striking Against Climate Change? (Bonus Episode)

Hey Show About Science fans! I’ve been working hard on a new podcast and I want to share a few episodes with you. It’s called The Show About Politics and I know you’re going to love it. If you do, please subscribe and leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts.

On March 15, 2019, tens of thousands of students around the world skipped school to protest their governments inaction on climate change. On this episode, Nate meets up with Joe Hanson, the host of It’s Okay To Be Smart and Hot Mess on YouTube to talk about why this issue has become so divisive.

This episode is sponsored by MEL Science. Support The Show About Politics by signing up for a monthly subscription at: https://melscience.pxf.io/nate

Watch episodes of It’s Okay To Be Smart on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/itsokaytobesmart

Watch episodes of Hot Mess on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsaEBhRsI6tmmz12fkSEYdw

Call The Show About Politics Hotline at 1-872-215-1966 and leave us your feedback. And make sure to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!

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