006: Santa Science and the Physics of Christmas (Rerun)

We’re revisiting one of our favorite episodes of The Show About Science from 2015. Back when Nate was 5 years old, he interviewed Santa Claus about the science behind his workshop and what happens when kids send drawings of new toys for Santa to produce in his present factory. Santa than suggested that Nate talk to Roger, his Head of Research and Development. Roger is also the author of The Physics of Christmas: From the Aerodynamics of Reindeer to the Thermodynamics of Turkey (amzn.to/1NwaZr4) and Can Reindeer Fly?: The Science of Christmas (amzn.to/1NwaYDG). Finally, Nate talks to Lt(N) Marco Chouinard from NORAD about the science of tracking Santa and the noradsanta.org website. Kids can also call NORAD on December 24th to find out when Santa will be arriving in their area. The number to call is +1 (877) HI-NORAD. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter. I’m @natepodcasts.

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