097: Mapping the Cell with Manuel Leonetti

Photo credit: Dale Ramos

The CZ Biohub Series – Part II

This is the second episode of our four part series focused on the CZ Biohub in San Francisco where scientists are working to cure, prevent, or manage disease by the end of the century.

Microscopy images for CKAP2 Cytoskeleton associate protein 2

In this episode, we meet Quantitative Cell Science group leader Manu Leonetti. Manu and his team are using “genetic glowsticks” to map all 20,000 proteins in a single human cell. Their flagship project – OpenCell – is a library of fluorescently engineered cell lines to define the locations and interactions of human proteins within our cells.

You can see more images here: opencell.czbiohub.org

Watch this video to learn more about OpenCell

Listen to the first episode of our CZ Biohub series: 

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